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Mortar Crown Repairs

The top of your masonry chimney that has a masonry flue is called the mortar crown. The mortar crown is the bed of mortar covering the top row of bricks to the chimney flue. There is space between the chimney flue and the exterior bricks that needs covering. The chimney also is strengthened from this bed of mortar creating a solid top foundation of integrity. The mortar crown must be free from cracks ensuring no leaks down the chimney flue or in the chimney chase.

If the mortar crown is cracked Chimney Troop with overlay a new bed of mortar to give back its strength and integrity. Once the crown is solid Chimney Troop will seal the mortar crown with Crown Seal from Chimney Saver. The absolute best option is to install a Chimney Troop chimney cap like “The Private” so the top of your chimney will be free from erosion for life, Chimney Troop guarantee!



Did you know brick is sponge like? After years of sun and rain saturation your brick on your chimney starts to leak through into the chimney chase. Chimney Troop can stop this with Chimney Saver waterproofing spray. A ten year warranty. Chimney Saver stops moisture from penetrating through the brick but allows any moisture inside the chimney to escape and breath out without damaging your chimney.



Chimney leaks are often from the flashing that has deteriorated over time. Roofers seldomly replace or even repair chimney flashing. Chimney Troop has the best solution to flashing leaks, FlashSeal by Saver Systems. Bond your chimney to the flashing to the roof. NO FLASHING LEAKS EVER!

Comes in black, brown or white.



The Chimney Assault Package

Everything a chimney needs to be healthy and leak proof, The Chimney Assault Package. Top to bottom protection from moisture and sun damage.


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