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Need To Get Your Chimney Cleaned? Professional Fort Worth Chimney Sweep Service

Chimney fire prevention starts with having your chimney inspected and swept if necessary.

Fort Worth chimney sweep and/or a chimney cleaning is performed in most cases from the inside of the house. We start by covering the front of the fireplace with a sheet or tarp for our equipment.

Once all the equipment is placed on the coverings the process of cleaning out loose soot debris can begin. A pole with a brush is run through the damper up to the top of the chimney until no more loose soot debris is falling. This can take 5 minutes or 2 hours depending on how much soot or debris is in the chimney. Process generally takes a half an hour on normal fireplaces.

Chimney Troop, your Fort Worth chimney sweep experts, guarantees no soot will be deposited anywhere but the vacuum.

It is important to note that chimney sweeps or cleanings do NOT prevent the flue fires from occurring. It minimizes the amount of creosote in a chimney to reduce the severity of a flue fire should occur. Unless you have your chimney swept after every fire there is no guarantee what will develop from your continued control what happens after an inspection and or sweep. This is why routine inspections and sweeps are important.


Stage 3 Creosote Sweep – Chimney Sweep Fort Worth

If 3rd degree glazed creosote is present Chimney Troop, based out of Fort Worth, TX, uses a Chimney Saver product called PCR.

Applied one day and return visit will be required within that week to perform a normal Fort Worth chimney sweep process as described above. Typical cost ranges from $500-$1500. Determining factors are height of chimney and how bad the soot is built up.


Fireplace Facts – Chimney Sweep Fort Worth

Did you know the White house has 28 working fireplaces?

Benjamin Franklin studied chimney smoking issues and wrote a book on the subject.

Fireplaces are not political. Both Republican and Democratic Party presidents love a burning fire.

The Lincoln Bedroom has been hot spot for ghost sightings of President Lincoln standing by the fireplace.

Richard Nixon liked a fire so much that he had a fire even during the summer, and turned on the air conditioner to offset the heat.

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