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How to Prepare for a Chimney Inspection and Sweep

When that time of year rolls around that it is time for you to light a cozy fire inside, you will have to do a few essential tasks. Just like other investments in your home, a chimney takes maintenance, and you won’t be able to do it all on your own. Once you’ve called in that professional chimney sweep, here are a few ways you can prepare for the appointment so that it goes smoothly and quickly.

Ask Questions Ahead of Time About the Process

If you have any concerns or want further clarification on the timeframe, cost, procedures, or other questions pop up before the appointment, then be sure you get answers before the process starts. You will find that the professional chimney sweeps welcome these questions and want to you to be as confident as possible with their services.

Find Out How You Will Be Paying

You should know ahead of time what your payment options are. You don’t want the services to be completed, only to discover they don’t take checks or you were supposed to go through an online process. While most companies will be straightforward about this, if you have a particular way you prefer to pay, find out ahead of time if that is accepted.

Clean Up Debris Around the Outside of the Chimney

A chimney sweep will get on your roof during the cleaning and inspection, and you want to make sure they have easy and safe access to everything needed. If there are toys, large sticks, or items leaned against the house that create a problem for getting up there, then go ahead and clean that up before the chimney sweep arrives.

Move and Cover Objects Near the Fireplace Opening

You can move decorative items, fireplace pokers and equipment, rugs, and anything else that can get in the way somewhere else for the appointment. You can also cover furniture with sheets if they are close to the fireplace opening.

Clean Out the Inside of the Fireplace

If you have any old wood sitting in the fireplace, go ahead and remove that and get the ash out. You will find the process will go much faster when you get messes that were made in the past, out of the way. After you follow these simple steps above, you will find each appointment with your chimney sweep will be seamless.