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Chimney Caps, Inspection & Fireplace Repair

We Care About Your Safety

Chimney Troop cares about your chimney and fireplace functioning correctly so that you can have a friendly and fun fireplace experience in your home. Our safety inspections are the most thorough in the industry. Chimney Troop is a second generation Fort Worth chimney sweep company specializing in:

Chimney Troop is your source for expert Fort Worth chimney sweep and inspection services, custom Fort Worth chimney caps and Fort Worth, TX fireplace repair. If you’re in need of a Dallas/ Fort Worth chimney sweep, chimney cleaning or fireplace repair, please give us a call today.


Chimney Troop Mission Statement

Chimney Troop services with honor, integrity and values in order to provide a safe fireplace experience up to NFPA standards. All manners of business shall be conducted in the utmost professional, easy, safe, polite and respectful manner possible.


Seasonal Chimney Issues in Fort Worth and Dallas

Spring – Leaky chimneys from rain and hail damage on chimney caps from storms

Summer – Sounds coming from your chimney? Is something living in it?

Fall and Winter – Chimney inspection is needed in order to determine if chimney sweep/ cleaning or chimney repair is necessary in order to safely have a fire.

Chimney Sweep Fort Worth

We are the experts when it comes to getting a Fort Worth chimney sweep. This is necessary to prevent a fire and keep your house and your family safe. The chimney sweep Fort Worth process usually takes about a half hour.

Please note that your Fort Worth chimney sweep will not necessarily prevent a fire… but rather it reduces the magnitude and severity of a fire if one were to occur. This is why it’s so important to get a Fort Worth chimney sweep and inspection regularly.

Examples of our work - Fort Worth & Dallas Chimney Caps/ Chimney Sweep